The Options Available from Portable Classrooms

Portable classrooms have become much more frequent and can ease overcrowding in schools. These types of classrooms are designed for temporary use and can be relocated to other schools in a district as needed. They are typically pre-designed/engineered and come in standard sizes. They usually have a wooden foundation and are raised from the ground with ramps. They aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing structures you will see on school grounds but they are highly functional. Construction costs are significantly lower compared to traditional design-bid-build structures.  Portable classroom’s can also be leased with funds drawn from an operating budget as opposed to a capital budget. These classrooms can typically be built in a short amount of time compared to competition of new construction or an addition.

portable classrooms

A number of teachers like portable classrooms because they offer a greater degree of privacy and independence for students which foster a strong group identity. Portable classroom’s are physically separated from each other and from the core school and open outdoors which promote programs that use the outdoors. In addition, Education World online gives tips for teachers that work in portable classroom’s, “Take advantage of being close to the outdoors and plant potted gardens, flower or otherwise, around your unit–a great class project! (A hint for keeping your live things living: plants in pots need a lot more water than those planted directly in the ground.)

Transform your entry-way with the seasons: Morning glories or four-o’clocks will happily grow up a trellis in warm weather; dried cornstalks and gourds are a great way to herald autumn. Plant sunflower seeds in May for welcoming delights in September.

Encourage the use of umbrellas (sometimes deemed “uncool” by middle-graders who’d rather get wet) by requesting that parents supply them for their children at the beginning of the year (preferably a solid, light color), then let the kids go wild with water-proof markers for one-of-a-kind designs.”

Lastly, portable classroom’s allow districts flexibility when they have areas of a particular campus under construction. Classrooms can easily be re-located and day to day operations can be maintained. Portable classroom’s can also be customized to fit the needs of schools/districts. Some schools like them so much they keep them well beyond any temporary project that they have scheduled. Schools across the country tend to keep them on average of two years after any project on their grounds has been completed.